Shameless Hussie #18


I have been surrounded by insecure love, fake people, situations that have to be forced because there isn’t instantaneous soul connections or the bond of having ridden the waves of ugliness and beauty – the history of years to support the friendship; and, I arrive in a house filled with love for my very being, dogs trampling over each other to lick my hands and babies that fall asleep in my arms during our first meeting. I am surrounded by the reminder that I am okay, that it takes being around people that you love as genuinely as they love you to remember that comfort comes from being in spaces that feel comfortable to you. You will feel love when it is there and it doesn’t matter how much time you spend away from each other because you will always be the same people. They rejoice for me on my journey and open up about the trials and tribulations of their confusing relationships. I hold space for their pain and fear and our hearts grow bigger. 

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