Shameless Hussie #15


Whimsy comes along for the ride, offering up suggestions like, “You should go to Loveland, Colorado! That sounds like fun!” And I drive out of my way because I am an explorer and I believe that magic is real. Thoughts comes to us as inspirations for future exploits: magical possibilities. We can tell when we are supposed to do something or when we are meant to avoid it; that for some reason we want to turn left or right and that the universe offers up the impossible on a daily basis.

Magic has many names and faces and shapes. It can look like a coincidence, synchronicity; it can look like a butterfly or a sudden knowing. The fact that we have a body and are able to breathe and walk around the planet is a miracle; it is magic. The fact that our minds can come up with anything and turn it into something tangible is proof, like a magical sea queen that flies through our daydreams and takes over our thoughts.

 We can go inside and build our psychic powers. Each and every one of us. We are all powerful and capable of changing the world with what we choose to think about; but, it isn’t easy and that is why a lot of people choose not to delve into their psychic landscapes.

There is light and dark magic and we have to be careful how far we dwell in either one. Our doubts and worries can bring about some fatalistic happenings in our lives and our refusal to acknowledge our darkness can leave us spinning out of control, unable to understand how to maintain our power in scary situations. The world is filled with powerful people, just like you! Some of these people will try to penetrate your brain and will try to control you. They might try to steal your energy because they don’t know how to find their own source outside of people. It is important to stay strong inside of yourself, to spend time alone with your mind to maintain that sense of self, to know that inner voice saying, “Get away!” or “This person is good.” It is important to be aware of the kind of magic that you are putting out into the world, the kind of magic that you want to see in the world. It is important to believe in yourself and in the potential for anything to happen. It is important to let your wings unfurl and to work your magic.

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